When in love, you suck, you rock.

If I analysed myself in comparison with what I was, I find a natural change. Nothing drastic though, it's personality wise. But I feel small-small things/habits today are often scrutinized. It's a mutual thing, which differentiates between a single guy and a couple. Hey I'm not complaining, I'm just in love.

Rules I still suck at: You should not get up before she gets up in a restaurant, you should not walk ahead or behind, you let her finish talking - do not interrupt, etc.

So I used to suck at date etiquettes, and even now I suck sometimes but hey at times but when I surprise her with something really good, I rock and when she says that, I bloody rock!

Lover's para (I know everybody will read it but it's for my love only)

I have never thanked you or said 'sorry' to you even though I 'may' be wrong. You have been my matchbox and I your matchstick, lighting me up always (or burning when you are pissed). You are my teacher also, a lot of credit goes to you.

And I love you.

P.S. if you find mistakes, correct me like you always do (without screaming of course!)