The post is back

Due to popular demand i am reposting this:

Strange observation:
Ladies toilet sign: Why is the woman always standing?

My T-shirt line:
Women should not wear brass.

Me in 2007

Professionally speaking new job, my first national print campaign, my first (maybe last) modelling assignment, my first official office picnic, my first win in juwaa at the office picnic, my first entries for awards, my first contribution in office decoration…

Personally speaking, my first anniversary, my first surgery, my first bunch of love letters from my current and future and beyond girlfriend, my first experience of a bachelor party, my first gym, my first belly, my first pair of Levi’s shoes…

There are more of them but I can’t seem to remember. Will keep on adding later. On the bad stuff that happened, well it’s forgotten.

Wishing you a Happy New 2008!


Due to the objectionable nature of the content. I have deleted the earlier post.

A sleepless night and birth of an idea.

I am a sound sleeper. No dreams, once sleep hits me I pass out till the alarm rings. I wake up, shut it down, go back to sleep till mom’s voice start ringing in my ears. Late for office again, my daily routine.

Last week was different, just couldn’t sleep. Reason: alcohol. Sounds weird right but then I am twisted.

On my way to finding sleep I stumbled upon some weird idea. Subconscious mind finding vague images, bringing together everything what my mind had stored, combining every word I memorised and then the birth of an idea.

The idea: A man trapped in a box. Can’t get out of it. Like a mindless being he bangs at the walls, wanting to get out, waiting to get out... headline: Stuck in a box? The Brand: or maybe something else.

The alarm just rang. Time to wake up. Bye bye.

My reason to beer... oops cheer!

I've been saving enough liquid i.e. water all these years. Not bathing on weekends is a big task you see.
To add to this 'contribution' to the save water motto, I've got another idea. I quote it below guys and trust me it's for a cause:

"If you feel thirsty, opt for beer. Yeah it quenches your thirst without wasting the essential H2O."

Cause it's a weekend!

"You are so lazy, and unhygienic."
"No I'm not. It's for a cause."
"Cause? What cause? It's coz you are lazy."

Well well... she'll neva understand. I care for the "save water" cause. I genuinely wish to save water. She follows drinking 8 glasses of water everyday for some goddamn healthy reason. Somebody needs to compensate for this excess usage (read wastage) of water.

So I do. I do not take a bath on Sundays. Ok, this time on a Saturday as well. But it's for a big cause. Think about the millions of litres of water that is wasted across the world every day. Think about each of us simply avoiding the bathing tradition for a day or two in a week. Imagine the amount of water saved.

But gals, will they ever understand that we men aren't dirty and unhygienic and all that? We just care for the world. We are the saviours, their saviours and they don't care.

Guys, join me in the mission to save water and the world shall be proud of you. Simply be a couch potato on weekends, play games, eat, laze around but just don't take a bath. And when the women blabber, simply ignore. Coz it's for a cause!