The post is back

Due to popular demand i am reposting this:

Strange observation:
Ladies toilet sign: Why is the woman always standing?

My T-shirt line:
Women should not wear brass.

Me in 2007

Professionally speaking new job, my first national print campaign, my first (maybe last) modelling assignment, my first official office picnic, my first win in juwaa at the office picnic, my first entries for awards, my first contribution in office decoration…

Personally speaking, my first anniversary, my first surgery, my first bunch of love letters from my current and future and beyond girlfriend, my first experience of a bachelor party, my first gym, my first belly, my first pair of Levi’s shoes…

There are more of them but I can’t seem to remember. Will keep on adding later. On the bad stuff that happened, well it’s forgotten.

Wishing you a Happy New 2008!


Due to the objectionable nature of the content. I have deleted the earlier post.