SHOPPOSITES - Male psyche v/s female psyche

Shopping for my wedding has started and it’s almost over.
Shopping for Annu has started. God knows when it’ll get over.

I don’t hate shopping but I hate browsing too many shops. If I like something I simply pick it up and don’t think about the probability of getting something better in other shops.

My better half is of a different opinion. She believes in visiting a thousand shops for say one saree. And when she picks that saree it’s supposed to be best. (Best justified by the number of shops visited, number of sarees not selected.)

Although I would like to debate on this subject knowing fully I have strong points on my side of argument but knowing women it’s better to shut up and let them be how they want to be.

Now I wonder is how come she picked me without seeing a thousand men?

Annu like talk: I am the best for him and He is the best for me. So our children will be best.

(Doesn’t seem like annu? It’s annu like talk not annu talk)