The Empty Page

What to write?
A million words in mind but nothing on paper.
Scattered thoughts but nothing concrete.
Source of inspiration, nothing.
Should I write about a song, I am listening to.
Or the ones that I want to.

What to write?
It’s not a writer’s block.
It’s just nothing.
Should I write about love?
Or what I hate.

What to write?
How about a poem?
Or a song?
What should it be about?

What to write?
 How about a joke?
 “Knock knock”, who’s there?  "Nothing."

What to write?
How about nothing.

Susan Boyle - Britains Got Talent 2009 (With Lyrics) Amazing Performance

You gotta watch this 47 year old sing amazingly...

Going Green - BSE Sensex Crossed 14000 Mark, Trading Stopped For The Day

Sensex Surges 2,099 Points, Trading Halted for Day - myPOPKORN:

Finally, we see a lot of green. And whatever the election results are with parties changing colors or becoming green with envy, this green in the market looks very promising. After a long time we could see the newsreaders on the business channels smiling. Well, the markets had to close for obvious reasons, but I am sure the stress levels in the country are pretty low!

After all, green is always healthy!

Watch the market news video here.

Password checker - How strong is your password?

Password checker courtesy Microsoft.

This is such a cool tool. Try it out and you'll know why!

Shopping is life, life is shopping

Our marriage shopping is over, we got married! Reason for more shopping... my brother's marriage shopping, then casual shopping, then birthday shopping, then his bro's marriage shopping... two people don't seem to be affected by recession... better worded - two people have gone crazy after recession.