Version 2: the good side of worklife!

God did answer my prayers. New job, new people, nice place, Saturdays off, no dealer panel checking, he he he ha ha, iMAC is back on my desk, free coffee hoo haa heee haa etc. Sarcasm in all its glory. The second week began very well actually pretty well. My first ad got approved and it features me, (if I get approved, hard for an Indian guy with far eastern features to look like an Indian guy) maybe an alternative career if this clicks. One thing is, THIS IS MY AD, I OWN THIS AD, THIS HAS ‘MY’ inscribed invisibly on it.

Long copy ads are something that is yet missing in my experience. Actually I have never attempted one (lazy bastard!). Will do so here, I have the time to study and prepare myself to make good long copy ads, feels like I am pretty serious about this thing, doesn’t it? Hell ya!! I f!@#king am. Still working on the concepts, maybe next week, I might post something ok, might be good. Once I get the hang of it, will start experimenting, create my own style. God knows when that will happen, but I sure know it shall happen. Confidence!

I miss my old office pals, lots of fun we had, good in a way, bad in a way. Here I put up a very serious image, with an occasional friendly smile so as to make myself seem approachable, a little maybe. No more the ‘chintu’ or as fondly put in by my ex- colleagues ‘lusty’.

Hey I am writing long copy…notice TYPO Caps, told you am studying them. Thanking you for visiting my thoughts. Visit again. And I love my girlfriend and future spouse.