The History Of M&M

In the late 80s when Manik & Me met in the park as babies we had this idea of opening a company. Both young enthusiastic babies, both had potential, ideas decided it would be a .com and the name would be yum & yum but alas! Both fell asleep so the first corporate meeting ended with a snore of thanks by both the chiefs.
In the early 90s again another meeting took place this time we decided what the content would be and the name changed to Chum&Chum.

In the year 1995 another corporate meeting took place this time everything was finalized and the name was changed to M&M. We then included Anand and Donu on fukat basis to handle the site design and finance respectively.
Then the official launch of the website took place on the 20 of July 2001 at midnight by President George Bush and Atalji. And the inauguration of the site ended by a yawn from the chief editor. Jyada fekene main kya jaata hai.

The struggle of M&M

Year 1995: M&M sets up a pan ka dukaan. Still there in king circle. Super success of mitha paan (M&M special) Sets up new 100 branches. Lakhpati in 2 weeks. Then M&M invested in IT sector…and a new revolution begins…. Major Profits….400%. Crorepati…then we measured our potential and decided to establish our own Business Ventures
Year 1997: M&M invests in Hotel Business. Setup few 5-star hotels in Europe ONLY Profits again… Then one day came a call from Late Dewang Mehta…. and he offered a job (post of GM) in his company (NASSCOM). M&M rejectes the proposal (reason: didn’t like his Hair Style). M&M setup Hospitals all over India. M&M in top 5 companies in INDIA. Net gross $40 million.

Year 1999: Atal congratulated M&M on contributions to society and on becoming the no.1 Dot COM in INDIA. M&M joined hands with Microsoft for development of IT in INDIA. BILL GATES inaugurates M&M International. M&M plans to open business ventures across the globe except Pakistan &Afghanistan. Net gross $200 million.

Year 2001: M&M adopts 40 villages in Gujarat. Donates 40crores for rehabilitation for Quake Victims. M&M enters film industry: Produces MUJHE KUCH KARNA HAI. Starring: Mrinal, Manik, Amisha Patel, Kareena Kapoor, Father (in negative role). M&M launches SANCHAR.20M.COM