Beowulf - The movie, my experience.

CAST (source: -
KING HROTHGAR - Anthony Hopkins
BEOWULF - Ray Winstone
GRENDEL'S MOTHER - Angelina Jolie
GRENDEL - Crispin Glover
UNFERTH - John Malkovich
URSULA - Alison Lohman
WIGLAF - Brendan Gleeson
WEALTHOW - Robin Wright Penn

CREW (source:
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Movie hall: Fun Republic (Andheri)

Some movies you wish your talkative girlfriend would keep quiet. Beowulf is one of them. Adapted from a poem (for more details on history go on to wikipedia), Beowulf is a very realistic animated movie, why I say so because at the beginning I had to say, “It’s an animated movie honey!” and she replied if it looks so real why not use real people? I’ll disclose the why in the following.

Events in first half:
King Hrothgar and men celebrating.
Anthony Hopkins’s butt flash (the first why)
Introducing Grendel
Introducing Beowulf
Introducing Grendel’s mother
Virtually nude Angelina Jolie (the last and final and big why)
Beowulf the King with free Queen

Events in second half:
Guilt-filled Beowulf
Beowulf playmate
Dragon born
The end.

In summary Beowulf is a one-time watch. Nothing spectacular in the storyline but one thing I should say thou. Men can’t say no to hot sexy Angelina Jolie.

When I smile, I shine!

The Happydent White ad was truly amazing, a brilliant piece of work. Having teeth as bright as a light bulb though is unrealistic but it is an accepted proposition and an aspiration as well.

The fact is when you smile from your heart, it shows... it shines. Like in this picture where I smile while listening to a beautiful song!