Ghost blogger

I didn't expect it. I couldn't even guess it. My b'day gift. It's a blog created by my wife with few interesting articles absolutely free. And the theme is also unique. It's 'Unique'. Meaning whatever I see/observe which is distinct, first of its kind, la la la la lala. Interesting na.

Hey isn't a blog as a birthday gift unique? See great start already. Thank you baby!

Is a chaddi required?

Seriously how important is a brief in advertising. On one end people say think beyond the brief on the other the same demands one.What is the importance of a brief that's just a formality, that has no value addition from the brand servicing guy? When a creative guy works on a brand for say a year and a half, does he really require a brief? These insights are based on my experience in mid-size agencies as I have never worked in the top twenty.

I maybe wrong but then what if i am right.