Reading fast - boon or curse?

I walk into a bookstore and pick up a couple of books. And much before it's time for me to shave, I am done reading! If it was not for my better half, who at the mention of 'Crossword' twice a week would say with a very mean look, "AGAIN?" and if it was not to avoid any further non-stop arguments, I would probably have spent all my earnings on words. After all, every single penny I earn comes from my words.

While I think it's good to be a fast reader, my bank balance insists otherwise. Did someone ever say, "It doesn't pay to be well-read"?

Will Mumbai win today?

I hope it does. In fact, I'm pretty sure Mumbai Indians will win the IPL match today. After the commendable victory in the cricket match against Kolkata, the Mumbai team must be oozing with confidence. Can't wait to watch you guys win again. All the best Mumbai!