Getting married.

A guy like me getting married is unthinkable for people who know me. The whole concept of holy matrimony according to me is completely inevitable, in a land called India at least. So why the surprise I wonder? People change for better or for worse but they do change.

Am I sounding matured? If yes, I have changed. If no, you are still the same.

Home very very away from office.

Shifted to my new place in Navi Mumbai. Sounds far right? But it isn’t. 1 hour 15 minutes to reach office. Manageable. Changing 3 trains to reach office. Not bad at all. Am I complaining? Can I afford to? No. Because I can’t afford to buy place in Mumbai. Not yet.

How to buy a house in Mumbai?

Invent something like

Do business. (But what business should I do?)

Marry a rich girl (Too late to do so for me at least)

Play the lottery (Tried. Not working)

Build strong networking. Get rich people in your contact list and sell insurance to them or become a middleman and conduct business. (Difficult for someone like me.)

The only choice I have is to work hard, work smart. Jump up the ladder. Do whatever it is to be successful in your profession.

Current scenario. I am not doing that bad. But then I am not doing that good also.

Philosophy: Sometimes wealth and fame don’t go hand in hand. You need to make a choice. (I think this has no connection to the above. But hey it’s my blog.)

Till I can afford to buy my home in Mumbai, I will be signing off from Navi Mumbai.