A sleepless night and birth of an idea.

I am a sound sleeper. No dreams, once sleep hits me I pass out till the alarm rings. I wake up, shut it down, go back to sleep till mom’s voice start ringing in my ears. Late for office again, my daily routine.

Last week was different, just couldn’t sleep. Reason: alcohol. Sounds weird right but then I am twisted.

On my way to finding sleep I stumbled upon some weird idea. Subconscious mind finding vague images, bringing together everything what my mind had stored, combining every word I memorised and then the birth of an idea.

The idea: A man trapped in a box. Can’t get out of it. Like a mindless being he bangs at the walls, wanting to get out, waiting to get out... headline: Stuck in a box? The Brand: Naukri.com or maybe something else.

The alarm just rang. Time to wake up. Bye bye.